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Reggae Jihad Press Release

 Murder leads to discovery of jihadist plot against United States in new suspense thriller

 Man aims to clear his name and thwart a terrorist attack in “Reggae Jihad”by Caleb H. Smith

VERO BEACH, Fla. – Using current events as his influence, author Caleb H. Smith takes readers on an action-filled murder mystery in “Reggae Jihad” (ISBN 1456372416). The book follows an ex-military man on a vacation that quickly turns upside down as he fights to clear his name and keep his country safe.

Ex-Navy SEAL Cody Sargent just wanted to sail his boat through the Caribbean’s Windward Islands and spend some time with his friend, Emma Stevenson. But after a week of relaxing in the surf and sand, Emma is found murdered and authorities believe Cody is a suspect. Cody makes it his mission to discover the real killer and to seek revenge.

While investigating Emma’s murder, Cody stumbles upon a Muslim terrorist camp on one of the islands. He learns that a dying Saudi billionaire has set up the camp to plan a holy war against the United States; a move the billionaire believes will secure his entrance to paradise. Cody, who served in Afghanistan, must now use his military training to stop the billionaire’s jihadist plot, while still trying to uncover who killed Emma.

“I was inspired to write this book after reading an article in the ‘Wall Street Journal’ about three octogenarian Saudi brothers who built a billion dollar banking business from nothing, and now contribute to Muslim terrorist organizations,” says Smith.

Smith believes his fictional novel exemplifies the American spirit that has helped this country overcome great obstacles in the past. He believes that American ingenuity and aggressiveness will succeed over evil masquerading as religious fervor, and that Muslim terrorist organizations will eventually be defeated.

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Cody Sargent battles homegrown terrorists assassinating American evangelical ministers in retaliation for their public Koran burnings. Cody’s investigation takes him beyond the killers to an international organization radicalizing American Muslims, resulting in Cody himself becoming a target of the very assassins he is hunting.

Avalaible soon on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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MARIACHI MONEY weaves a tale of murder and deception in the unlikely business of mushroom farming. How are the Mexicans who work the farms amassing such a fortune? Cody Sargent is detemined to find out and stay alive in the process.

Avalaible now on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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REGGAE JIHAD is a thriller about a dying Saudi billionaire’s personal jihad to gain entrance to paradise by decimating the US gasoline supply, and the struggle of Cody Sargent, a former navy SEAL, to thwart it.

Avalaible now on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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Caleb Smith Factoid:

I went to a Canadian prep school for two years, and continued to play organized ice hockey into my thirties.

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