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Madrassa Jihad Synopsis

When homegrown terrorists assassinate several evangelical ministers in retaliation for their highly publicized Koran burnings to protest the worldwide bloodshed caused by Islamic Militants, Homeland Security is at a loss how to locate for the killers. In desperation, they decide to “follow the money,” believing the terrorists may be supported from abroad by the Wahhabi Sunnis, a Muslim sect that establishes and maintains radical mosques and madrassas worldwide. Employing funds provided by the Saudi royal family, these mosques and schools preach jihad, a personal war to convert or kill the nonbelievers.

Homeland Security arranges Cody Sargent’s transfer from Wall Street to the Washington, DC brokerage office where Omar Walid, a cultural attaché to the Saudi embassy, maintains a number of charity accounts for the benefit Muslim immigrants in America. Charged with learning how and where the money is being disbursed, Cody soon finds himself the target of a Muslim assassin even as he tries to arrange the downfall of Omar Walid and the Islamic terrorists Omar has set loose on America.

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Mariachi Money Synopsis

When the Branch Manager of Winston & Company’s southeastern Pennsylvania office is killed in a freak accident, Cody Sargent is sent from New York replace him. Initially reluctant to leave the excitement of Wall Street, Cody quickly realizes his new assignment is an opportunity to gain management experience that will bring him back to Manhattan and a higher position in the financial industry.

The job in Pennsylvania begins promisingly enough, but Cody soon realizes little is what he’s been led to believe it is. There is wide suspicion that the previous manager’s death may not have been an accident. The dead manager’s sister in law, Patsy Hamilton, is vehement that he was murdered. Patsy accosts Cody at her sister-in-law’s house and demands to know what he and his company are going to do about her brother-in-law’s murder.

Cody learns the Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating the Mexicans employed in the local mushroom industry because they have accumulated assets in excess of one hundred million dollars in their retirement accounts. The dead manager had been investigating these accounts, and Cody is instructed to continue his investigation.

When Buck Camilla, the broker handling the Mexican workers’ accounts is killed during a botched home invasion, Cody realizes Patsy Hamilton is probably right about her brother-in-law and that now Cody himself may be a likely target for the killers.

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Reggae Jihad Synopsis

When ex-navy SEAL and former Homeland Security agent Cody Sargent sails into Admiralty Bay on the Caribbean island of Bequia, he expects to pass a few pleasant days and nights with Emma Stevenson, a local boutique owner whom he met the previous spring.

Over dinner the first night, Emma tells him the island gossip says a group of Muslims have taken up residence on the adjacent island of St. Vincent with the intention of converting the local Rastafarians to Islam. Being acquainted with Muslims from his tours of duty in Afghanistan, Cody doubts they would ever attempt such a conversion. With the whole winter ahead of him to cruise the Caribbean, Cody decides take a few days and sail with Emma over to St. Vincent to investigate.

Soon Cody finds himself the target of assassins even as he fights to thwart a strike by Muslim terrorists against the U.S. mainland.

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Cody Sargent battles homegrown terrorists assassinating American evangelical ministers in retaliation for their public Koran burnings. Cody’s investigation takes him beyond the killers to an international organization radicalizing American Muslims, resulting in Cody himself becoming a target of the very assassins he is hunting.

Avalaible soon on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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MARIACHI MONEY weaves a tale of murder and deception in the unlikely business of mushroom farming. How are the Mexicans who work the farms amassing such a fortune? Cody Sargent is detemined to find out and stay alive in the process.

Avalaible now on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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REGGAE JIHAD is a thriller about a dying Saudi billionaire’s personal jihad to gain entrance to paradise by decimating the US gasoline supply, and the struggle of Cody Sargent, a former navy SEAL, to thwart it.

Avalaible now on in print and for Kindle starting at $2.99.

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My junior year of college I was enrolled as a pre-med student at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.  However, because I spent most of the year wandering the continent, I received no credit.

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